Don't be Held to Ransom due to Low Transit Stock


You may already be aware that Ford are planning a mid-life facelift to its Transit range. Among a redesigned front grill and lighting, they are also having to include Emergency Braking Assist which is now a legal requirement on vehicles over a certain weight.  There is also talk of a more refined engine too.  

As a result Ford have stopped production of the current Transit and stocks are extremely low and it is likely we won’t see the new re designed Transit until Spring 2019.

Despite the ongoing debate about requiring a D1 Licence to drive minibuses the Transit at 4.6 tonne needing a D1 to drive, is still the most sought after model and we are continuing to get many enquiries.

With scarcity I guess there is an opportunity for some suppliers to hold out for much higher prices for schools desperate for a Transit minibus. It does look as though some suppliers have tried to stock pile Transits in order to gain some market advantage and profit from increased pricing.

Our reputation at EVA minibus of being fair to our schools is so important to us and we will continue to offer competitive fully inclusive packages on the Transits we have.

EVA have a number of different options available to schools needing to keep mobile without feeling you are being held to ransom to pay high prices for limited stock.

  1. If you have a current minibus which is owned by the school and is still roadworthy and reliable then I would recommend holding on to that until spring next year. We are happy to offer a regular safety inspection package by a mobile engineer to give your school peace of mind. When the time comes to replace it, we would be delighted to quote for you. We will also offer to buy your outgoing minibus.
  2. If you currently lease a minibus , depending on who you lease through you may be able to extend the lease for six months, or even on an informal basis and continue to pay the same rental. You may have been referred to the leasing company originally via a Minibus broker who will of course want you to take a new vehicle, but remember your relationship is with the leasing company and in many cases they will be willing to accommodate.
  3. Have you considered another make or model of minibus? As well as Transit, we can also offer fully compliant converted minibuses which can be configured to allow for flexible wheelchair use. These are normally based on a Peugeot or Citroen platform and can be fitted with ramps or lifts as well as static seated versions too. These vehicles also offer the opportunity of driving them without a D1 if certain conditions are met.
  4. If you don’t need a full 17 seat minibus, why don’t you consider a 15 seat vehicle? We have stocks of various makes and models at 3.5 tonne gross vehicle weight.  Some of our schools have recently chosen to take two 9 seat vehicles instead of one 17 seat model.
  5. If your heart is set on a Transit 17 seat and want to wait for the revised 2019 model. Then also consider a flexi rent solution from EVA for 6-12 months. This will keep you mobile whilst waiting for the new vehicles to be ready and avoid you having to pay over the top now for a discontinued model

If we can help with any of the above please do get in touch

John Couppleditch

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John Couppleditch