Driver Training Courses - Maximising Safety, Minimising Risk.


With over 14 years of experience, EVA Minibus is able to provide knowledgeable advice on licences and permits. Our driver training courses are not only designed to abide by the government rules but also help maximise confidence and safety for the driver of the vehicle.


D1 Licence – This licence allows the candidate to legally drive a vehicle up to 17 seats. Whether you need the full package or you have completed part of the course, we create a package to suit your needs to obtain a D1 licence. We include our driver training vehicle and we will structure the course to fit with your day-to-date timetable with the option of candidates completing the course individually or altogether. 

Benefits to the D1 training:

  • Improves the drivers confidence, ability and awareness
  • Demonstrates the importance of road safety
  • Meets the governments regulations 
  • Promotes the customers commitment to driving passengers safe and securely


MIDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme) - Fully accredited by the CTA (Community Transport Association). This is a full day course training up to 5 people at the same time. MIDAS may be required by your insurance policy, council or you may be looking to increase staff members driving skills and knowledge. Once the course is complete each candidate receives a certificate that lasts 4 years.


  • Morning session - Classroom & Theory environment with a presentation from the instructor
  • Mid day session - Vehicle walk around and check
  • Afternoon session - Individual driving sessions in your minibus


Group Assessment – A full day tailored to the candidate’s timetable including both verbal and practical training. The instructor takes each person out for a practical training session and work on what improvements need to be made for a more confident and safe driver. This can work as half a group in the AM and half in the PM, or a full day for all candidates. We discuss with you what will be most suitable.


Personal Assessment – Similar to the Group Assessment. This is one-on-one training with the driving instructor who will guide and advise the candidate through a practical session. This can bea full day or half day course depending on your preference.


With all above courses, our driver training team come out to your preferred location, saving individuals the time and hassle of going out to complete the training.

To make a booking or request for further information please call 0844 414 2906

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John Couppleditch