Prepare for the summer and get Minibus Ready


Prepare for the Summer and get Minibus Ready


With summer fast approaching now is the time to look into sourcing a minibus for the school. Sports tournaments and outdoor events are just a number of increasing activities happening over the summer period, heightening the demand for transport.

The flexibility, safety and space make the minibus a popular choice of vehicle for schools to use. Students and their equipment are comfortably catered for with luggage room and seat capacity ranging from 8 to 16 passengers. Like organising a class lesson, early preparation makes for a smooth process, reducing the worry of not having transport ready and available. From beginning to end we are here to help along the way, and depending on your requirements, a vehicle can be delivered to you in just a couple of weeks, ready for the summer and the shows, activities and summer schools that take place.

 A minibus allows for students to not only be educated within a class surrounding but to also learn in different environments. With this in mind, we are keen to help get the wheels in motion and make a difference to the school.


Already own a minibus and want to prepare for the warmer season?

Please see below a checklist to keep your minibus and students safe during the spring/summer season:

  •   Check luggage and equipment is securely stored without obstructing the aisle and doors.
  •   Check the air con is functioning, if not applicable; make sure the minibus is well ventilated when in use.
  •   If travelling a long distance, make sure rest stops are included on the journey.
  •   Avoid parking the minibus in the direct heat of the sun.
  •   Complete a Safety inspection the vehicle before its travels. Check tyres, water, oil etc.
  •   Carry water on journeys for all passengers, staff and driver.
  •   Check a first aid kit is accessible.

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