School Trip Ideas during the Winter Season


During the winter season outdoor activities become a little more restricted while the weather is cold and wet. With this in mind we want to highlight that your minibus can still take pupils out of the classroom and into a different learning environment. Alongside your schools usual sporting events, below are a few day trip ideas across the UK that is both fun and educational for a range of ages.


York Minster 


We advise that if your vehicle is not used as regularly as once a week it will need to be taken for a drive to get the engine running. This will help to keep the minibus in good working condition and keep the filter clean resulting in less risk with mechanical faults. Continue your regular minibus checks, paying close attention to areas that may be used and affected more in the winter, such as, heating, tyres and windscreen wipers.


When the weather is bad and ice is on the road it’s best to avoid taking the minibus out at all. Safety always comes first and when the ground is slippy the risks of an accident increases.

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John Couppleditch