Section 19 changes on the way for school minibus operators


The Department for Transport (DfT) has just published its consultation on the future of Section 19 permits.

The proposed changes will apply to organisations that operate exclusively non-commercially; that have a main occupation other than that of a transport operator (schools will be included in that).

Some of the schools we have supplied with minibuses are operating home to school services and charging for those journeys. Currently those schools operating as a charity will be using section 19 permits. Those schools set up as limited companies, currently have to operate under Restricted or Full PSV operators licences. This requires the school to operate with tachographs and their drivers to have full PSV D1 licence entitlement (Grandfather rights are not sufficient).  As well as more frequent programme of safety inspections.

In order to continue running under section 19 - all of the transport services provided by a school must meet at least one of a number of criteria that are outlined in detail in the document.

In summary

-         Any service offered free of charge

-         Any charge for service is substantially less than cost

-         Occasional journeys

-         Incidental Services ( as an addition to other services offered by your organisation

Also noted is that providing a service that would otherwise not run should not be considered commercial, whether or not money changes hands. For example in a remote setting with no alternate transport provision available.

The DFT are inviting feedback and responses from all interested parties

The closing date for responses is 4th May 2018.

Read the consultation at:


 We are currently visiting schools and offering free consultations and audits on minibus use and compliance . Please do get in touch if you would like to receive a visit , where we can offer further clarification on the above .


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