EVA Flex - The Short Term Solution


Minibuses have continued to increase in popularity and we have seen an upturn in use in both our existing school customers and first times users. Fully maintained operating leases continue to be the most chosen method to acquire a minibus.  

However, some of the schools we have spoken to say that funding continues to be a worry and the reason why some of them have been reluctant to fully embrace the opportunities that a minibus brings. The two main issues being the school’s concern about signing a five year lease or finding upwards of £30,000 to purchase a new vehicle.

In response to this we have recently helped a number of schools in exactly that position by supplying a brand new minibus on a 12 month lease. The vehicle is supplied with their logo and is fully maintained for the year too.

These schools have enjoyed the ability to run a minibus for the academic year without a long term commitment.  In all cases it meant they could have a minibus where they would not have been able to previously.

There are other reasons where such a yearlong facility may be advantageous.

Has the schools population increased? Is there a new need for home-to-school transport? Or maybe there is hesitation about what size vehicle will work and how many seats you will need. With an EVA flex term lease this gives you the chance to assess what suits the school without the concern of being tied into a long contract.

With many leasing opportunities to pick from we find there is a growing demand for a short term solution, especially in the education sector. One year leasing is a great way to put the minibus to the test, monitor the annual mileage and discover what advantages having a minibus can bring. Your own vehicle gives you the freedom to use it as and when without the hassle of relying on other companies and their minibus availability.

So what happens if the minibus you have on an annual lease agreement works perfectly for you?  We provide a range of contract hire opportunities for up to five years with the flexibility of being able to extend the agreement on the vehicle you already have from us. Yet you may find a different size bus is the answer, or maybe wheelchair access is a new necessity. We provide all types and size vehicles from 8 to 17 seats as we understand a minibus fulfils different demands from sporting events to class trips.

In summary, with budgets forever changing, committing to an annual agreement means being able to manageably control costs without the worry that it will affect the budget for years to come.

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John Couppleditch