Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses - D1 and Non D1 Licence Holders



With a variety of minibuses to pick from it can be a little hard to decide on what’s right for your school/ charity. At EVA we supply a full range of minibuses from standard to wheelchair access, 9 to 17 seats. With more outdoor learning and school trips planned year on year, we understand how valuable a minibus is for able-bodied and disabled students. Minibuses can be adapted from being a standard, fully seated vehicle to a wheelchair accessible version with a ramp or lift and optional removable seating. Depending on requirements and size of minibus it can convert to include up to four wheelchair spaces at one time.  

Gone are the days where it was a struggle to carry a wheelchair onto the minibus, now with a ramp or lift always accessible, both provide easy and safe boarding for passengers. As the ramp folds upright at the back of the vehicle when not in use, it is positioned to allow plenty of internal room for passengers, luggage and a clear walk way. The lift is mechanically operated and remains under the minibus as not to take up space inside, unless your preference would be an internal lift of course.

Whilst some minibuses with a ramp allow for staff to drive on a category B licence, a minibus fitted with a ramp or lift and a gross vehicle weight of 4.25t or over must be driven by a D1 Licence holder. So why choose a lift over a ramp? Most minibuses with a lift are supplied to schools where students may have more severe disability resulting in a more robust and heavy wheelchair. The lift takes control and reduces the strain on a person.

Our converted minibuses go through rigorous testing before delivery to ensure they are safe and compliant within the law. The LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) is mandatory and carried out every 6 months on any minibus with a lift along with an annual weight test. This legal requirement is to reduce any risks with all mechanical functions being tested and reported. We supply the LOLER within our leasing contract to save you time and hassle of organising through a third party.

Can any minibus be converted to allow for wheelchair access? Yes they can. With Ford, Citroen and Peugeot being the most popular models, the vehicles are converted from either a standard minibus or a van depending on manufacturer.

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John Couppleditch