EVA Rental

As well as being a specialist in long term vehicle leasing,  EVA is able to offer our school, academy and college partners a range of short term hire solutions for all vehicle types.

EVA Rental - Our flexible short-term hire service, is there to help when your vehicle is off the road unexpectedly or you have a demand for extra transport which can’t be covered by your existing vehicles.

Short term hire can be used to evaluate how a new minibus would benefit the school or college before committing to a long term vehicle

In summary

  • Nationally available
  • Market leading response time
  • Competitive rentals
  • All vehicle types covered
  • Term time flexi-option
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Are your teachers using their own cars for meetings ?

More schools and colleges are hiring cars for teachers or support staff for travel to external meetings, training courses or conferences. 

There is significant responsibility and legal obligation placed on employers by the Health and safety at work Act and Road traffic Act for the management of staff using their own cars .

This means that using short term / daily rental is seen as a far safer option than allowing staff to use their own cars.  

It is often a more cost effective option than allowing members of staff to claim business mileage at up to 45 pence per mile ( or HMRC rates).