Minibuses for Independent Schools

Leasing or purchasing a minibus from EVA will deliver real benefits to your school. Improved brand image, assistance in your efforts to increase pupil numbers and better control of your vehicles are just some that you can expect.

Independent schools are using minibuses for many activities and it is more important than ever that your vehicles are well maintained and stay compliant with the law and relevant DVSA operating requirements. EVA is expert in delivering fully comprehensive vehicle management solutions and advice which will keep your minibuses, drivers and pupils safe.

In Summary

  • Using Minibuses as evidence of inward investment – A key measure for prospective parents
  • Enriching the experience for boarders during evenings and weekends
  • Minibuses to support home to school transport services – Attracting and retaining fee paying pupils
  • Helping you maintain a cost effective and compliant fleet
  • Supporting your “Brand”

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Attracting new Pupils

Independent Schools are increasingly using new minibuses to help grow pupil numbers by advertising open day events on the vehicle itself.  A smart minibus will pay dividends as a moving promotional vehicle for your school.

A growing number of schools in the independent sector are introducing or adding to their “home to school “routes and using their minibuses as transport for this service. There is evidence to support that offering this facility has helped schools grow and retain their pupil numbers.

Parents who are choosing a new school will look for signs of inward investment. New minibuses with your school logo applied are a cost effective way of demonstrating your commitment to your school brand.

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Adding real value to your school

 Enrichment afternoons can be more fun and involve more enjoyable experiences where schools are using minibuses to travel to new venues for activities.

Boarding Schools are also using their buses in the evenings and weekends to give boarders an enhanced experience.

You can provide a high value service and peace of mind for overseas boarders too by offering airport pick ups and drop offs.

Some of the independent schools we talk to are partaking in many varied activities and with the correct choice of vehicle you can transport pupils and their equipment safely.

Nine seat vehicles are becoming increasingly popular , they add flexibility to the school fleet and can be driven by members of staff that do not have D1 on their licence.

Combined Cadet Force activities can be fully supported with modern vehicles applied with your school logo to ensure your School maximises its profile, wherever you travel to.

9 seat

Renault Trafic 9 seat

full specs

Mercedes Vito 9 seat

full specs

Ford Custom Tourneo 9 seat

full specs

12 seat

Ford Transit 350 L2 12 seat Minibus

full specs

14 seat

Ford Transit 410 L3 14 seat Minibus

full specs

Citroen Relay Enterprise 14 seat

full specs

Mercedes Sprinter Traveliner 14 seat

full specs

LDV V80 MiniB 15 Seat

full specs

17 seat

Ford Transit 460 L4 17 seat minibus

full specs

Renault Master 17 seat Minibus

full specs

Mercedes Sprinter Traveliner 17 seat

full specs

Citroen Flexilite 17 seat minibus

full specs