School Minibus Leasing

Schools and colleges choose minibuses and school minibus leasing for a wide variety of reasons.  

Whether it is to travel to sports fixtures, visit local historical sites or a forest classroom,  EVA offers you the widest choice of factory built and specially converted minibuses from all manufacturers (leased or purchased).

Whatever the make, all minibuses leased through EVA comply with the latest European type approval rules for minibus construction and safety. We can supply in a variety of seating capacities from nine to seventeen. If you need a larger vehicle , please contact us to ask about coaches for schools.  

In addition you can choose from a full range of accessible vehicles fitted with fully approved wheelchair lifts and IVA compliant ramps.

Schools and colleges choosing to lease a minibus or purchase from EVA, will benefit from EVA AfterCare and if it's your first ever minibus you will benefit from the very best advice and support .


For any school wanting to see how a minibus benefits them without a long term commitment , try our EVA flex option where you can have a minibus with your schools logo for a year. Ask us for a quote. 

Because safety is at the heart of everything we do,  EVA Driver Training is integral to our minibus offer ensuring that you get the most comprehensive support .

EVA understands the education sector and we appreciate that different school or college types use minibuses in their own way. Please select your school or college type for more information and inspiration.