Primary School Minibus Leasing & Purchase

Many Primary schools have already understood the benefits of having their own minibuses to help achieve a variety of sporting and educational targets.

They have also been able reduce the cost of using taxis or large coaches by leasing their Primary School minibus from EVA.

A growing number of Primary schools have been able to deliver enhanced teaching outcomes through using the minibus to take pupils out for experiential learning opportunities , particularly powerful for schools in deprived areas.


In Summary

  • Achieve your sporting ambitions more cost effectively
  • Reducing expensive large coach travel for small number of passengers
  • Helping small primary schools access minibuses in cluster groups
  • EVA support for first time minibus users
  • Giving your pupils access to enhanced learning experiences

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Your school is never too small for its own minibus

Even primary schools who feel they are too small or do not believe they have the funds for a minibus can benefit from joining forces with other primary schools in a cluster group arrangement.

A seventeen seat minibus will accommodate approximately half of a primary school class.

A cluster minibus shared between three schools  would benefit from having all three schools logos represented.

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The safer and more cost effective solution

It is safer and more cost effective for a Primary School to run their own minibus as opposed to allowing teachers, support staff or parents to use their own private cars to transport pupils  (also known as grey fleet) which would expose the school and drivers to additional legal responsibility and risk.

EVA supplied a new minibus to a primary school recently where previously,  the head of PE was having to take a class on two public buses and a walk along a busy high street in all weathers to the swimming pool .

The minibus has helped that primary school to reduce the risk and cost involved in that weekly journey. The children are enjoying arriving in style too. 

9 seat

Renault Trafic 9 seat

full specs

Mercedes Vito 9 seat

full specs

Ford Custom Tourneo 9 seat

full specs

12 seat

Ford Transit 350 L2 12 seat Minibus

full specs

14 seat

Ford Transit 410 L3 14 seat Minibus

full specs

Citroen Relay Enterprise 14 seat

full specs

Mercedes Sprinter Traveliner 14 seat

full specs

LDV V80 MiniB 15 Seat

full specs

17 seat

Ford Transit 460 L4 17 seat minibus

full specs

Renault Master 17 seat Minibus

full specs

Mercedes Sprinter Traveliner 17 seat

full specs

Citroen Flexilite 17 seat minibus

full specs