Secondary School Minibus Leasing & Buying

With the education landscape changing, particularly with the growth of academies, state secondary schools are competing to maintain and increase attendance and leasing or buying a new secondary school branded minibus will create a strong image in the local community  .

Many local authority controlled schools will have strict criteria to comply with to operate their minibus. School minibus leasing through EVA means your secondary school benefits from a fully comprehensive package of vehicle management and safety inspections which help you comply with DVSA Section 19 permit requirements and local authority regulations.

In Summary

  • Keeping your school looking modern and competitive.
  • Minibuses to enhance your sporting and academic achievement
  • Helping to increase and maintain school attendance
  • Helping you comply with local authority regulations

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Variety of benefits

Secondary schools have always competed in inter school fixtures and used a variety of methods to travel to matches. We have feedback supporting the positive psychology of arriving in a smart new minibus to take on your opponents. Feel like winners on arrival!

We know that some secondary schools are using minibuses to control and reduce incidence of truancy by picking pupils up from home in the morning .

Just imagine the positive potential effects on your OFSTED rating.


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The external classroom

Outdoor activities, field trips and Duke of Edinburgh events deliver huge benefits for participants. School minibuses are a safe and cost effective way of taking advantage.

Minibuses also play a huge part in enhanced learning by allowing students to visit the places that they are studying – right now ! Geography, social studies and art groups can all get closer to their subject matter and gain more valuable learning as a result.

If you have an old minibus EVA will happily buy it from you to allow you to enjoy the benefits of a new , safe and positively branded vehicle without the headache of trying to sell your old minibus .

9 seat

Renault Trafic 9 seat

full specs

Mercedes Vito 9 seat

full specs

Ford Custom Tourneo 9 seat

full specs

12 seat

Ford Transit 350 L2 12 seat Minibus

full specs

14 seat

Ford Transit 410 L3 14 seat Minibus

full specs

Citroen Relay Enterprise 14 seat

full specs

Mercedes Sprinter Traveliner 14 seat

full specs

LDV V80 MiniB 15 Seat

full specs

17 seat

Ford Transit 460 L4 17 seat minibus

full specs

Renault Master 17 seat Minibus

full specs

Mercedes Sprinter Traveliner 17 seat

full specs

Citroen Flexilite 17 seat minibus

full specs