Stay Safe With Every Minibus Movement


The most important matter when it comes to a minibus is to safely transport passengers to their destination under the care of others. The vehicle is not only responsible for getting everyone smoothly from A to B but to also protect against possible dangers. With more people in a minibus than in a car, it is designed to quickly and efficiently allow students and staff to exit the bus with its easy access doors and clear aisle. To ensure no hazards are in the way of a possible emergency evacuation the minibus provides storage areas for bags and sports kits.

With health and safety being one of the first topics in a school lesson it is just as important to make sure this is taught outside the school grounds and on travels. Physical injuries happen in any environment so first aid kits are provided on board, very handy when attending sporting events!   

While the vehicle is designed to ensure maximum safety it also needs to be well looked after to offer you its best performance. Care for the minibus and the minibus will care for you. By keeping it in top condition the vehicle is less likely to deprecating in value, making for a nicer experience and financially beneficial at the end of the minibuses life/ lease agreement. Options such as seat covers are a great add on for extra protection and easy to clean. More importantly carrying out routine safety inspections is a vital part of the overall use of the minibus. From tyres to breaks to lights, we recommend checking both the interior and exterior of the vehicle before each journey or once a week, depending on how often the bus is used.



Distractions can cause accidents so looking for a way to care for the driver is just as important. A safe guard can be put into place behind the driver’s seat, shielding them from the interference of others and avoiding any unnecessary disturbance. The driver must be under minimal stress, so regular breaks are to be taken on long journeys and other staff members should be on board to supervise the passengers, taking the pressure of the driver and allowing for full concentration on the road. 

We advise that the driver has:

  • A health check
  • An eyesight examination
  • No side effects from medication that will affect their actions
  • Driver training, whether it is for a full D1 licence or a refresher course.

EVA Minibus provides medicals and driver training programmes as safety is just one of our main focuses, let us know your requirements and we will fit a course around you. 

For any further information or advice contact our team on 0844 414 2906

Posted by:

John Couppleditch